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Oaken Awl Artistry

Astronomy Skirt Hike

Astronomy Skirt Hike

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Starlight dances upon the tips of pine trees, casting elongated shadows upon the earth. It spills over mountains, illuminating their majestic peaks with a touch of otherworldly grace. It plays upon the surface of still lakes, transforming their depths into mirrors of the cosmos. In the darkness, starlight becomes a guide, leading wanderers through the night with its steady and reassuring glow.

These skirt hikes are made from veg tan leather, with brass rivets and D-Rings. Each one hand dyed a royal blue, tooled by hand, and painted with metallic leather paints. 

 These skirt hikes can accommodate belts up to 3" width.

Please take note that the pricing for these refers to buying ONE item at a time.  Also, when buying the smaller 1" hikes, they do not include the border that the 1 1/4" hikes do. (As shown in the picture)

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