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Oaken Awl Artistry

Dragon's Hoard Skirt Hike

Dragon's Hoard Skirt Hike

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In caverns deep where shadows loom, lies a treasure vast in the dragon's room. A hoard of wonder, gleaming bright, the dragon's treasure is such a breathtaking sight. Gold and silver, a dazzling array, sparkling unashamed in the dragon's fiery display. Coins and jewels, a fortune amassed, whispering of wealth from a time long past. The dragon, a guardian of this majestic horde, watches over it as with a terrifying roar.

These skirt hikes are made from veg tan leather, with brass and nickel rivets along with D-Rings. Each one hand dyed a chocolate brown, stamped by hand, and painted with their respective colors. 

They are only offered in 1 1/4" size due to the size of the leather stamping tool. 

These skirt hikes can accommodate belts up to 3" width.

Please take note that the pricing for these refers to buying ONE item at a time.  



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