About the Artist

Rebecca grew up in the southern part of the U.S. spending her childhood reading stories about captivating fantasy, heroic knights, powerful magic, and enchantingly lush forests. It's those tales that really molded her and gave her inspiration that slowly culminated into reality in her artwork. She didn't need to just imagine what was happening on the pages, she could now show it on paper.
As she grew older she was ravenous to learn all she could to create more tangible works of magic in the form of clothing, props, and accessories. She began to use these skills for Cosplay adventures with friends, adding a touch of that imagination to her everyday wardrobe, and strived into having the opportunity to spread that work into movies and television.

Now in her 30's she has come to create Oaken Awl Artistry and set off down her new (and somewhat daunting path) where wielding her trusty tools she can now paint, mold, sew, and weave what's been inspired from the ancient folklore, mythical creatures, and spellbinding landscapes she's always held dear to her heart in her books, into wearable objects to help others feel that essence of fantasy in a more tangible and wearable form.